This Are the Best 4 Multichannel E-commerce Platforms That Your Competitors Are Using

Competition is a reality in the business world. Wooing a customer from your competitors to your side is a desire in every entrepreneur’s heart. But this does not happen naturally. You need to work hard and develop strategies that will enable you to attract customers and convince them you are the better if not the best option. Multichannel retailing is the new buzz. Here, it means providing customers with various points to buy your products. However, your ability to become competitive depends on the multichannel e-commerce platforms you choose. Are you wondering why your competitors are beating you? Here are the channels they are using to accomplish this approach, and you need to copy them too:

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When it comes to e-commerce, Shopify is not just a word but the online business empire maker. Any entrepreneur willing to succeed in their first attempt need to think about this platform as their first destination. The platform integrates easily with other e-commerce platforms such as social media, Amazon, and apps. This means you will have seamless and hustle-free multichannel business. Importantly, the platform is not static.

It is a work in progress where the developers are adding new channels to enable the webpreneurs to work efficiently and manage their e-commerce businesses without any challenge. The platform is easy to operate as it does not require you to have particular technical knowledge. Also, you can learn your store through their app which is available for the conventional operating systems such as the Android and iOS.

As you know, POS is an essential aspect of any successful business. Shopify comes with a POS that enables you to manage your business efficiently without any hurdles. Other features include Google shopping apps. Hence, Shopify is a crucial multichannel e-commerce platform.

If you are running a midsized business, the platform is the best option for you. The Magento enterprise platform comes with a wide range of customized solutions for enhancing multichannel selling. However, the platform is technical for startups and might require investing in experts to strengthen your multichannel capabilities. Nevertheless, the platforms integrate with major online marketplaces and apps to enable you to offer customers various points to make their purchases. Also, it has profoundly customizable and automation features that make it easier for you to price as well as order inventory without challenges across your selling channels. Notably, you can integrate your store with Etsty, eBay, or Walmart. This way it becomes easier for you to sell across the multichannel.

If you love open source options, then this option is for you. Prestashop is an open source platform that comes with robust features and customization options. It integrates with multiple channels such as Amazon and eBay. As you know, support is an essential aspect of a reliable e-commerce platform. Prestashop offers top-ranking customer support services through emails, phone, and live chats. So, when running a store on it, you are assured of consistency and reliable customer services. Also, the platform has Google shopping module which enhances shopping through the Google and an option to expose your business to a broad audience.

Big Commerce is your room for enhancing your multichannel sales. The platform offers you an opportunity to list your products across the leading sales channel. You can list your products and sell on Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Google Shopping. Also, this multichannel e-commerce platform has a great admin panel that enables you to create automatic orders and seamlessly manage your sales across the selling points. Hence, with it, you are assured of easy management of your multichannel retailing business and high chances of succeeding.

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